License Agreement Renewals


Renewal time is fast approaching.  License renewals will begin on April 20, 2017 and go through May 31st.   If a renewal is not completed by May 31, the site is subject to being Licensed to another person.  There are several changes to the License Agreement this year, so please be sure to read the attached renewal addendum carefully.  Only those sections noted have changes, and changes have been highlighted.
  1. A major change is that all License Fees and utility charges will be due on the 10th of the month beginning with the new License terms.  If you have scheduled automatic payments after the 10th, it will be necessary to contact the bursar and your bank to reschedule those payments.  OSU Property Management recommends that each Licensee set up access to their Bursar Account in order to check billing, or set up automatic payments on or before the 10th.  If your email address is current and valid, you should watch your email for statements.  Contact the OSU Bursar office at 405-744-6008 for assistance.  The email you give us on the renewal will be used as your billing email.  
  2. There are several things that may reflect your ability to renew your License Agreement.  First, if you have a non-allowable holding tank, you will not be able to renew until the holding tank is removed.  For questions regarding the holding tank, please contact Brian at 405-624-3618.
  3. Your account must be current in order to renew your license agreement.
  4. Those who have had 3 (three) late fees charged during the current term of their License Agreement will be allowed to renew only with payment of the entire term of the new License Agreement in advance.  These customers will have to come to our office to renew their License Agreement and make payment.
  5. If you have received notice of violations, those items must be satisfied prior to renewal.
As you are aware, Lake Carl Blackwell Campgrounds are for recreational use, not residential.  Accordingly, in order to renew you must include two of the following:
  1. Utility bill, in Licensee’s name, from place of residence.
  2. Property tax form
  3. Lease in Licensee name if leasing.
Renewal Documents can be returned:
  1. In person at the OSU Property Management office,  618 N Monroe, Stillwater OK.
  2. By fax at 405-744-7888.
  3. By email
While walk-ins are allowed and accepted during the renewal process, please remember that walk-ins will be served on an as-available basis between appointments.  If you wish to make an appointment to discuss the renewal, or have questions regarding the status of your renewal, please call Chuck at 405-744-3855.  Our office hours are 8:00-12:00 and 1:00 to 5:00.  
Please remember that your License Agreement is not valid until signed by OSU Property Management.

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