Permit Rates

Fishing*/Picnic/General Recreation
Daily Annual
$5.00 $50.00
* without boat
Daily Annual
$10.00 $100.00

Personal Watercraft
(Wet bikes, jet skis, etc.)
Daily Annual
$10.00 $100.00

Equestrian Trails
(Does not include camping)
Daily Annual
$5.00 $50.00

Equestrian Camping
(includes trail use fee)

Hunts Meadow

Primitive Electric/Water
$15.00 $25.00

Camping Rates

Includes two vehicle permits. One RV or two tents are allowed. Boat/watercraft permits are not included in the camp rate.

  Daily Weekly  
Primitive / Unimproved
HPELS $15.00 $105.00  
Beaver Cove $15.00 $105.00  
Electric Only
Fox Run $20.00 $140.00  
Beaver Cove $25.00 $175.00  
Deer Run $25.00 $175.00  
Pine Grove $25.00 $175.00  
Scissortail $25.00 $175.00  
Sunset Bay $25.00 $175.00  
Turkey Hollow $25.00 $175.00  
** for lease information, please call 405-744-3855

Pavilion Rentals
(Includes 20 vehicle passes)
Rental Times: 8AM - 10PM
Full Day  

All users of Lake Carl Blackwell are responsible for their own actions. Users recognize that they can be injured, maimed, or lose their life while participating in outdoor recreational activities, and use these facilities at their own risk.

For assistance, please call the Park Office at 405-372-5157.